Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Chipmunk Fiasco

First, let me just say that the number of times I typed the word "chipmunk" for this entry made me smile. It's such a cool word. Chipmunk. Ha.
This morning, my cat who has never shown any signs of being a good enough hunter to even catch a turtle, caught a chipmunk. Granted, it was a small chipmunk, but a chipmunk none the less. He brought it into the apartment and started playing with it. i didn't notice until i was about to turn on my 360 to get some gaming time in. The chipmunk couldn't have been here that long, though, because the cat was laying beside me not ten minutes before. So it's like he went outside solely to catch this animal and bring it inside to fuck with it. I thought he'd caught a huge frog or something, but then I saw it and cried out. not in fear, I'm not a pansy. more like surprise. "OH SHIT IS THAT A CHIPMUNK?!?!"I got up to shoo Stardust (cats name) away, which now that i think of it, was a bad idea. What if I had succeeded? the chipmunk would still be loose in my apartment. When i got up, Stardust picked it up by its tail and ran into the bedroom with it. I chased him. The chipmunk got loose and ran into the bathroom. I shut the bathroom door and looked for a box to properly extract him in. I went into the bathroom, shooing the cat away from the door, and tried to corner this chipmunk. Then I got to thinking that this little guy might have diseases. So I didn't want to touch him. So I went and grabbed a pair of gloves from my army days. when I got back in, he was in the tub, urine puddles everywhere. He was scared shitless. And really, can you blame him? I went in slowly, and he let me touch him and pet him a little. But when he felt himself being grabbed, he turned into an acrobatic expert. Jumping out of the tub, onto the sink, onto the toilet, back to the sink, climbed the shower curtain, jumped on top of the cabinets, the lunged all the way down back into the tub. I was afraid he'd hurt himself. I mean, that's the equivalent of a human being jumping 30 stories or something. The cabinets are taller than 6 feet. and this little guy was about 5 inches long.
So I decided fuck all the tact and me trying not to scare him. I dove for him, grabbed him, and threw him in the box. I then put on my slippers, and walked out the door. I snapped this quick picture and let him go.
So hey... I learned that my retarded cat can catch chipmunks. awesome.

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  1. So cute. So so cute.

    If you had assumed that Stardust wasn't a good enough hunter at all then how did you miss the Chipmunk for 10 mins?
    I would so totally think that you would've noticed it instantly. "Oh hey, there's my cat and it's playing with the chipmunk that it caught. Let's play, wait, what?!"
    See, kinda easy.