Monday, July 26, 2010

It's been too long

Man... the great chipmunk fiasco was the last time I updated?
Ok. so whats been going on since then?
I'm not sure if I updated about it and, frankly, I'm WAY too lazy to go back through all 8 of my updates to find out... I was in the military. I got out (honorable discharge) But they called me back. i was pissed. I LOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATHE the military. but it's the U.S. government... what're you gonna do, you know?
So, i packed a bag and asked my neighbor to watch the cats. I arrived in South Carolina on June 13th. I was SURE they were gonna say no because of my weight. But I apparently forgot that Iraq is kinda hot this time of year... so fat didnt matter. I would just sweat it off anyway.
So all signs pointed to me deploying. IN FACT I was just a few days away from shipping out when some Colonel was flipping through my paperwork, saw something he didnt like... and called me into his office.
When i was a kid... I had ADHD. In order to join the military, you can not have ADHD. So I went and got "undiagnosed" to join. Apparently, that's... a physical impossibility. You can't be undiagnosed from something like that.
So they relieved me from Active duty... and i went home.
So here I am... back to the daily routine. School... video games... trying to find a date.
The divorce is... going... I don't want it to. I love my wife... but she doesnt want too stay with me. whatever makes her happy, i suppose...
This really sucks.
this REALLY REALLY sucks.

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