Saturday, June 18, 2011

my weekend

That thing we did Saturday morning? It was magical and awesome and amazing. She actually tired out before I did, it lasted so long. Truth be told, I would have waited longer, but She didn't seem to mind and she's told me she can't wait for round two.
I was afraid that, after we did it, It would become one of those relationships where everything was boring, but not the case. She smiles just as much... she laughs just as much. If anything has changed, it's the fact that we're more comfy with each other now. We can get away with more things such as throwing pillows at each other. we hold hands in front of everyone. we say i love you in front of strangers without care. Sex changed us... but it changed us for the better. it made us more of a couple. And i love that.
She told me she wants to marry me. I can't wait until college is over. I swear to everything that is holy, unholy, invisible, magic, and truth... I am going to marry that woman.
My first goal when i started at NoVA was to make the gaming interest group a club.
mission accomplished.
my second goal was to win jenny from the clutches of a rapist lying abusive ginger idiot.
mission accomplished.
my third goal was to beat the living shit out of the same idiot when he threatened her and lied about her on facebook.
mission has yet to be accomplished. not sure it ever will be.
goal four - graduate
will be accomplished
goal five. marry jenny.
I already know her answer.

God damn i love that woman.

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