Sunday, June 5, 2011

Why Idiots Love Megan Fox

Megan Fox fell from grace with the great Transformers debacle. How, you ask? Well I will tell you, kind reader. Consider:
Michael Bay, director of Transformers, pretty much FOUND Megan Fox. Sure, she was acting... sure, she was attractive in some sense of the word. But before Michael Bay she was absolute piss. Just nothing. Her career was virtually nonexistent. Tinier, even, than Vanilla Ice's. He signed her onto the Transformers movies which, for her career, was the equivalent of Mark Hamill and Star Wars. So what does she do? She acts like a stuck up bitch. She claims that Michael Bay is a horrible director (He's not bad... he's just different. Instead of relying on great acting, he relies on great effects). None the less, he made her a huge star and she spit all over him for it.
Michael Bay filmed the second transformers in Egypt. He decided that, since they were there for a few days more than needed, he would take the cast and crew out to the pyramids and a few days of fine dining and awesome egypt tours. On his expense, of course because that's what good directors do. Megan Fox cussed Michael bay out in front of EVERYONE because how DARE he take her into the heat to see the fucking pyramids.
So... Michael bay told her to fuck off.
And that was that... a few movies after that, all of which utterly sucked, but still... her career was over.
So what the hell is this that i see? A new Megan Fox movie? do people not get it? Megan Fox sucks. She's a horrible actress. AND SHE HAS TOE THUMBS!!!!
None the less, they're putting her in this new movie "Passion Play". And because nothing else worked in the past, they're pairing her with a huge super star, Bill Murray. Hoping that people will see the movie because Bill Murray and mickey Rourke in it is one thing... but hoping that guys will decide megan Fox is hot again... well that's another thing.
So Hollywood... please... stop trying to glorify the female skeletor and her thumbs which look like toes. She's a bitch and an idiot and has feet instead of hands. that is all.

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