Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Economic Opinion

So I know a posted a little less that 15 minutes ago, But I don't care. this is my blog and I'll do what I damn well please with it.
Everyone's screaming about our economic problem and they want a solution. Well there isn't one. America is now so far in debt that we can physically never pay it off.
We are, however, stupid Americans... so we're going to try anyway. Because that's what we do, for some reason. So my idea is this: Tax incentives for buying American made vehicles.
If you live in a big city, You probably see a shit ton of Japanese cars... especially Hondas. Lots of VW's, some Mercedes, some BMW's... and every now and then you'll see a chevy corvette or a dodge neon.
Not alot of people buy American anymore. People scream that Honda's more reliable and Mercedes are faster. they have all these reasons to not buy America. So give them a reason. Each new American made car you buy (i.e. Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth, Chevy, Ford, Jeep) gets you a thousand bucks when you get your tax return. Don't make foreign cars more expensive, our neighbors across the pond wouldn't like that. Just give a little incentive to pour into our OWN economy for once.
Will this fix everything? No. Will it help? Absolutely. And so far, spending BILLIONS of dollars to send people 500 to 2000 bucks based on their income is too complicated and taking too long.
People buy cars every day. And this thing could start TOMORROW.
I dunno, maybe I'm just an idiot. But I think this would work...

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