Wednesday, May 26, 2010

skipping class

Today I'm skipping class. Why? Because I really don't feel like going. And I'm waiting for a check. My father is sending me an unknown amount of money (in the neighborhood of 500) and my mail doesn't usually get here until about 4 pmish. The bank closes at 5 and I'm in class until 6. So, If I want to deposit the check today, I need to not be in class... see how that works? I would love to spend the money on Video Games and steaks and hookers... but I'll ACTUALLY spend it on bills and more bills and steaks.
And stop thinking whatever you may be thinking about me needing my parents help with anything. The last time I hit dad up for money was like.... a year ago. The only reason I'm ding it now is the V.A. wanted its money back.
Which deserves a backstory, I guess. Here goes...
I served in the military for almost 3 and a half years. when i got out, I took almost a whole entire year off doing nothing. Then i came to the realization that my wife shouldnt be the only one making money. So I decided I would go to school and try to find a job. I had a G.I. Bill which would pay for school, so I figured... why not work and get a higher education? When I applied, they said my Montgomery G.I. Bill was all fine and dandy... but I wanted to REALLY be cool, I'd apply for the Post 9/11 G.I. Bill.
Bit of a tangent for a second... the Montgomery G.I. Bill is given to every soldier all it really does is give you something like 35,000 for school. So, if you go to the normal school (NOT M.I.T. and Harvard and Yale and the like) you can get a degree for pretty much free...
The Post 9/11 G.I. Bill gives you somewhere around 75,000 for school... but on top of that, they pay you according to where your school is. So... they'll pay the school any tuition and book fees you have... and then pay YOU a set fee per month to do whatever the hell you want with. The beauty is the paycheck you get doesn't come out of the 75,000. only the schools tuition does.
Neat, eh?
The problem is this is a very new program, so it was having trouble getting off its feet. It was a full six months before I saw my first check. the school got paid right away... but I didn't. so i went to the V.A. and asked for an advanced pay of 3 grand. I assumed they took it out of my first few checks, but they didn't. They're taking it out of my current checks... so I asked dad for some helping money.
So, because dad is sending me the money, I really can't get froggy with it. Maybe I can get a nice diinner once or twice... but it's primarily for bills.
And this is why I'm skipping class today.

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