Wednesday, September 8, 2010


So... my GF read my post about Stacy and now she's all pissed because she thinks that I'm going after Stacy while dating her.
She has full right to be pissed. Because that's indeed how it reads.
So I must clear a few things up.
The Stacy story didnt happen last weekend like I said it did. I just made it more recent to make it more interesting... It actually happened sometimes in May (possibly earlier... I don't exactly remember the time frame).
We weren't really dating then, though i do believe we had just met and were smiling at each other.
I'm sorry I lied about the time frame. It was my bad. Now I just hope I can mend my relationship.
Fuck this is gonna be hard...


  1. Good luck. >_<
    Hopefully she'll read this post? Some sympathy? XD

  2. Agreed, I hope she reads this :)

  3. Man, hope it works.
    Nice post, your blog always has interesting stuff!
    supportin' and followin'